Jerry Jones Rookie?

Can anyone tell me why Jerry Jones is the only HOFer not to be listed in the NFL HOF Rookie Set Registry? He has a 95 Pacific card and a 2017 Panini but isnt listed in the Registry. Thanks for any input!


  • I requested the 1995 Crown Royale to be added to the HOF Players/Coaches/Admin Rookie Autograph set, but it was rejected as "not a mainstream issue", which doesn't make much sense. I suspect that if someone were to request the Panini card, they would add it, as they have done the same for other recent owner and contributor inductees. I think the Crown Royale is clearly what the market has identified as his rookie card, but without an official RC designation from Beckett there seems to be little chance of convincing PSA.

  • I would think Jerry Jones only fits the HOF Players/Coaches/Admin Rookie Autograph set. He does not fit the requirements of any of the other sets as he was not a player.

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    Yes PSA needs to stop looking to Beckett for this. You are 100% correct the Crown Royale should fit the needs but since they have people over this that are collectors and really do not understand the hobby they have to use an outdated out of touch magazine to determine such things.

    They had no problem designating my Joe Horn a key RC because Beckett said so.

    But could not designate this a RC even though he had no cards any previous year and only one other card in 14 because Beckett did not find the time to designate it as a RC. So he has no RC for the Super Bowl MVP set. Brilliant.

    Looking for FB HOF Rookies
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