Anyone have a future bet on the WS?

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Dodgers look tough, but no way am I taking them at 5:2 to win.

On 6-23 I took the Athletics and Rangers at 55:1. Couple of hundy on each, get a little lucky = 10K payday.

A's are 25:1 now.

Go A's :)

Houston Astros +250
Los Angeles Dodgers +275
New York Yankees +375
Atlanta Braves +800
St. Louis Cardinals +1200
Minnesota Twins +1600
Washington Nationals +1600
Chicago Cubs +2200
Oakland Athletics +2500
Tampa Bay Rays +3000
Cleveland Indians +3500
Philadelphia Phillies +4000
Arizona Diamondbacks +4500
Milwaukee Brewers +5000
New York Mets +5000


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    I don't have a futures bet, but looking at that board I'd say the Braves offer the best value. You get the Braves at +800 when they should be at around +650 the way they're playing right now. That's pretty good value for a 2nd favorite coming out of the NL.

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    I don't know what all those numbers mean, but I could see a Yankee's/Dodger's series. :) It's happened before.

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    So has Twins/Dodgers! ;-)

    GO TWINS!!!!

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