Dave Dumbrowski FIRED as President of Baseball Operations of Boston Red Sox

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Adios Dumbo. I guess your genius best bud, one Tony (I just sit here and look pretty) LaRussa is toast too. B)


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    Not that suprised I guess

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    Back from the trip Al? Let’s see some pics when ya can buddy!

  • MCMLVToppsMCMLVTopps Posts: 3,302 ✭✭✭✭

    Will do Paul.

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    good thing for Sox to do. Next up will be restocking the farm with a trade of Mookie Betts. No way you give him the 30 million a year he is going to demand

  • Well he did buy JD Martinez which won the Sox the 2019 WS.
    OTOH, they do have some worrisome contracts and Mookie waiting to get paid.

  • Mookie wants to get paid, just not with the Red Sox I believe. Tough situation, nobody is going to give top prospects for one year of Betts.
    As much as many hated Dombrowski, he did make some good moves. Martinez for one, signing Boegarts reasonably was another. Trading for Sale. Letting Kimbrell and Kelly walk. His hands were tied on signing Sale, and I still am not convinced signing Price was a good move.
    Despite everything, this team was good enough to be a serious contender. It didn't happen. I just don't think Cora did a good job this year, and Dombrowski took the knife.
    The next GM of the Sox has a lot on his plate. Will be interesting this offseason for sure.

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    this is the same team that won the world series last year . This year is not DUMBrowskis fault. No one can say they were cheap with the payroll :D

    Its not exactly Coras fault either , I mean pitchers got off to a slow start , thats on him. There is something wrong mentally with almost the entire team and I know the cure , they need to drink beer and eat chicken during the game

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