Croatia and Slovenia trip - NON SPORTS

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So, while catching up with emails and a lots of snail mail, I thought I'd toss out a quick blurb about my recent 12 day journey to the subject.

It would be impossible to describe all that we saw and enjoyed, but a few highlights. The hike to the Vintgar Gorge in Ljubljana Slovenia was incredible. The water so clean and clear, you could easily see 20-30 feet to the bottom, with rainbow trout waiting for their next meal. Lake Bled and the castle were impressive, as was the food.

Walked the wall in Dubrovnik, about 1 mile + and of course the market place within the older city was unique, with unending narrow side streets to have a meal or glass of wine. Split was equally as nice, and this was our embarkation and debarkation point.

Visited several Dalmation islands...and the ship's captain dropped anchor in different small coves where we swam off the back of the yacht into perfect waters. The Adriatic Sea again so clean and clear. We were blessed with low 80s weather. People warm and friendly, and imagine crime to speak of there! The two-legged scenery was STUNNING !! Think lots and lots of Melanias, those ladies know how to dress!!

If you have an opportunity to visit, I'd consider this trip a bucket list item. Easy to fly into and out of Split or Ljubljana. We flew Air France going and KLM on the return, smooth, 9.5 hours returning to Atlanta. Should you go, you should consider a small yacht tour, this allows access to some pretty cool places. I'd rate this trip right up there with our New Zealand trip. GREAT!


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