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Alex Cooper Sept 12 auction with nice currency

Alex Cooper Auctions Sept 12 Auction has a nice run of currency which is view-able at https://bid.alexcooper.com/auctions/1-273U3E/september-12-2019-fine-jewelry-luxury-accessories-sterling-silver?page=9&limit=36 with the currency starting at #626

626 Currency featuring 1902 $5 Ch 2547 Denton MD
1902 Plain Back $5 Charter 2547 Denton National Bank of Maryland. Vertical and Horizontal Folds, About VF 2- $5 Obsoletes1839 and 1840 Commercial Bank of Millington, Maryland AG and VG; 1956 20 Austrian 20 Shilling and 1 pound Bank of England note

629 Pair of Baltimore National Bank Notes
$20 - 1882 Dateback CH 2453 National Marine Bank of Baltimore . Good/comments Not many of these survive. $10 1902 Plain Back Very Good: Ch 1489 National Union Bank of Maryland Condition: 1882 - Center and side holes and frayed edge

630 1922 $50 Gold Certificate VG
FR. 1200 Large impressive $50 Gold Certificate with US Grant. Very Good with a small stain and a couple small frayed edges and normal circulation wear

631 Pair of Nice Large Legal Tender Notes
1907 $5 FR.91 "Woodchopper" PMG graded a no problem VF25.
1917 $1 FR. 38m PMG graded VF-30 Exceptional Paper Quality. This is a "mule" with John Burke Back Plate #1998

632 1899 $5 "Chief" Silver Certificate PMG Net F-15
FR.280m Elliot/White "Chief" Silver Certificate grade on this Iconic American Note. PMG graded "Choice Fine-Net 15" Small repair on right edge. Mule note - John Burke Back plate #1143 Condition: Small repair on right side edge of obverse, otherwise jut grade appropriate wear

633 Trio of Nice/Iconic Silver Certificates
1896 $1 FR.224 PMG graded VF25 w/comments "Annotations, Minor Ink Burn" Note was signed with small signatures on reverse in Sept 1896 and the iron ink ate small hole on this iconic Educational
1899 $1 FR.236 Black Eagle PMG graded No Problem AU-50.
1923 $1 FR.237 With Exceptional Paper Quality

634 Pair of $20 Large Gold Certificates
$20 1906 FR.1185 graded PMG-25 with "tear" comment (tiny tear at top of note to left of central $20).
1922 $20 FR1197m graded no problem PMG-Very Fine 25. Mule note with John Burke Back Plate #124.
Both have nice iconic orange gold reverse. Condition: 1906 - small half inch tear to left of central top $20

635 1901 $10 Legal Tender "Bison" PMG-VF25
FR.122 Legal Tender - Iconic American Bison from 1901. PMG Graded No-Problem VF25 on this quite popular "Bison" note

654 1917 $1 Legal Tender STAR Note FR.39 AU58++
1917 $1 Legal Tender STAR Note FR.39 AU58++. Conservatively graded AU58, but no folds, damage or any signs of wear on this bright crisp note. SN *13575253B Condition: Could be 60+
(New to the census)

656 $10 1880 Legal Tender FR 100 PCGS 53PPQ
$10 1880 Legal Tender FR 100 PCGS 53PPQ. A corner fold away from a higher grade with Premium Paper Quality designation. Known as the Jackass Note because the donkey on the lower obverse turned upside down is a jackass

657 1907 $10 Gold Certificate FR 1172 PCGS-55
1907 $10 Gold Certificate FR 1172 PCGS Choice About New 55 with no issues and nice color. Teehee-Burke SN E41538639 Condition: Hard to discern why this note wasn't graded "New"

658 1880 $20 Legal Tender PMG-58
1880 $20 Legal Tender PMG-58 with vibrant printing and so very close to New/Uncirculated

659 1891 $2 Treasury Note FR 357 PCGS-63 McPherson
1891 $2 Treasury Note FR 357 PCGS-63. Famous photo of General McPherson who was the highest ranking Union general killed in the Civil War Condition: 2 small pinholes which are allowed by PCGS/PMG on strictly uncirculated noted with no folds

Feel free to ask questions,
Michael Atkins

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