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Where can I find a price guide to search for PCGS graded notes?




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    Main CU site:

    Note sure if they’ve finalized all the “in-house” stuff for currency.

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    Is PCGS going to continue to grade currency? I read a post below and it sounded like they are all crossing to PMG. What is the reason for that?



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    There is no graded currency price guide. I use green sheet (wholesale), Standard Catalog of US Currency, and World Currency Price Guide by PMG in addition to books from Krause Publications which represent the Market Price. For CSA and Obsoletes I have the recent book by Don C Kelly who is not only an expert on this but the expert on Nationals. Currency different from coins - you need to do a lot of homework.

    For pricing my material I refer to above or just do cost plus. In addition I have developed my own matrix for pricing graded world currency.

    In terms of PCGS grading currency take a look at the currency forum discussions on this.

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    Thanks for the info.

    Been collecting coins for almost a year now and found my interest to concentrate on. And want to start getting into currency as well. Both US and foreign. Plan on taking my time and try to find a niche I feel comfortable with. Your information will help greatly.


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    easy to look at the Heritage Auction archives...join for can sort sales by date, price, grade, grading service etc...real world prices for free

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