Is confederate currency rare or valuable?

Saw this auction and was surprised to see confederate currency that survived the civil war.
I always assumed our govt destroyed it all when they won.
Are pieces like this rare? or are they more common than I think?


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    Pieces like that are not rare and are considered common by today's standards. Back in the 1980's there were some dealers at coin & currency shows that had a trunk load of the stuff. There are rare types/varieties that are valuable, however my interests are in a different field so I never really researched it.

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    These are common. They were issued in large quantities and many were in the public's hands when they became worthless. Additionally, huge quantities were captured by the Union Army and the government gave away many of these with large quantities still remaining in the Smithsonian/NNC. Millions were issued and hundreds of thousands, or maybe a few million of all type combined still survive.

    They are fairly valuable considering how many survive. Common notes, like the 1864 issue in the Ebay listing, are worth $20-$30 each despite the fact that there are plenty of these types around for collectors. The rarest and most valuable Confederate notes sell for $25-$50,000, and occasionally a bit more.

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    What they said...

    They are a neat, historic, and inexpensive memento of the Civil War.

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    _I always assumed our govt destroyed it all when they won. _

    Actually, when the U. S. government confiscated millions of notes at the end of the war, they ended up in warehouses then, a couple of decades later, some of it was handed out to Grand Army of the Republic posts (the Civil War Veterans organization) around the country as souvenirs. Just like with coins, some varieties are valuable and can be worth five figures while most of the notes, particularly the 1864 issues, are dirt common. Then, throw in the millions of reproductions that were made in the early 1960s to mark the centennial of the Civil War, and they're all over the place.

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    No. And there is so many counterfeits out there it's just astounding. I remember they used to give away reproduction notes in cereal. Wheaties or Cheerios I think.

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    Yes - The latest book by Don C Kelly lists values for CSA and Obsoletes. These are a booming market, I sell many from my table at shows.

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