Does PCGS update TrueView photos when they reholder coins with existing TrueView photos?

I have a number of Gold Shield coins with existing TrueView photos that I plan to submit for Gold Shield reholder service. I am submitting them simply because the cases are scratched.

So the question is simply this:
By default, during Gold Shield reholder service, does PCGS replace existing TrueView photos with updated photos?

The reason I ask is that some of my TrueView photos are gorgeous and I would rather live with the scratched plastic than have the photos retaken. On the other hand, I also have several coins with subpar TrueView photos that I would indeed like to have rephotographed during reholder service.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Fabulous, thanks PCGSPhoto.

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    @PCGSPhoto said:
    I generally re-shoot reholder submissions unless specified not too. Either way multiple images will remain on file and can be shown or hidden as desired.

    Good to know. Thanks

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