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I recently bought a PCGS certified coin. When I look it up with cert verification, the correct image appears for it in the TrueView section but there is no certification number in the lower middle part of the image. It just has the coin image itself. I've never seen that before. I always see the cert number as part of the image (if it has one). What does that mean? Is there a different service that just shows the image or is that an error?


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    Welcome to the forums @hardtofind.

    Using this certification number as an example: 29402446

    The cert page show the pic of the coin if Gold Shield or TrueView was selected (and paid for) as part of the certification.


    Notice in the “holder type” Gold Shield which means there are cert and TrueView pics available (someone paid for it): https://images.pcgs.com/trueview/29402446

    On this page, you can select the different resolutions, background, and to display the certification number. This paragraph is the answer to your question if I understood the question.

    Lastly, if the cert link indicates the “holder type” as standard then there is no Gold Shield but there maybe a TrueView pic.

  • Super helpful. Thanks @Hemispherical

    For the one I purchased (below), it a standard holder, but shows the image without the cert. So, the original submitter paid for TrueView but not Gold Shield. Furthermore, they chose to display the image without the cert. Is that right?


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    A TV pic would be here.


    And there appears to be none.

    So whomever slabbed the coin did not pay for GS nor TV.

    But our host obviously took a pic without any frills.

    There is the current quarterly special where you cam send the slabbed coin in to get free TV (and GS) for the price to reholder.


  • Got it. Did not realize PCGS would sometimes take a pic and display it even without customer picking the option. I’ll def check out the special!

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    its all about the mighty $$$$, even with pictures.

    Today is the first day of the rest of my life
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    Welcome to the forums. I like the look of that '21. Nice coin!

  • thank you! need to get educated quite a bit more before I go crazy lol

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