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"Officially Sealed" Stamps

This is a block if 12 stamps that say "Post Office Department - Officially Sealed". I wondered if the stamps are still in use and if not, when were they discontinued. I did some looking around and found out that there were several styles, many very similar, but I don't know which mine are. They are in good condition, although some of the perforations have been compromised. Any value to a collector?


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    Since they are an issue of the "Post Office Department" you can be fairly certain that they have been out of use since at least 1971 when the US Post Office Department ceased to exist and the US Postal Service was born. They are a "back of the book" item that you can probably find listed in the Scott Specialized catalog for US stamps (try the reference section at your local library). I have no idea as to value though they are an item that you don't see very often. The fact that they are in a large block should be a plus as there may be an exhibitor out there who would like such an item for his APS exhibit.

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  • Thanks for the info.

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    I remember getting a few singles of these at my local PO back in the 70s. They were used to reseal mail that got accidentally opened in transit.

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