Does anyone know what years these are from.. I’ve looked everywhere..thanks


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    The top 20 cent note is China/Republic, The Central Bank of China (National-Continued) In SCWPM Vol 2 (General Issues). It is P203, ND (1931).


    US Obsoletes esp NJ, WEB Notes,

    National Iron Bank of Morristown (#1113) and Irish Currency
  • Thank you understand most of what you said.. lol.. appreciate it

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    The other (bottom) note is a 10 Fen from the Federal Reserve Bank of China from 1938.
    ND="No Date"
    SCWPM= "Standard Catalog of World Paper Money"
    P203= "Pick 203", Pick being the original author of the catalog. It is now edited by others.

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  • Thank you very much appreciate it..🤗

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