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the most famous and remarkable gold coins of the Ottoman Empire
are those of the km # 638 series.
these coins were used for commercial transactions as well as for jewelery.
at the time of his kingdom MAHMUD II (1828 - 1833)
it had given a relative liberty to the subordinate peoples to have in their possession such gold coins. at that time many poor people living in the countryside managed to get these coins by working hard
they gathered them not to feel rich but more to endow their daughters.
so when the time of the wedding arrived, they pierced these fine gold coins and made a golden necklace and splashed them on the neck of the bride and with these golden coins the new couple made their new house.
This is the reason why most of these coins are pierced.
many of these coins have disappeared since then and some have been rescued.and have remained very little because after the fall of the Ottoman empire and the creation of the new Turkish state, the Turks banned every transaction with these coins and after he had gleaned as much as he could have melted them. this law has been up to date. But there is something that the collectors of the Ottoman coins maybe not aware of is that among these golden Ottoman coins of that period some of them are really very rare.
among those golden coins that left me as an inheritance my grandmother is that in the photo with date of cut 1223/23. The coins of this date are really difficult to find anyone who love these coins and is a fanatical collector of Ottoman coins
There are also some variations in decorative flowers in relation to the other coins of this series and I believe that for all these reasons and for the history of these coins, the valuation of their collectible value must be very large.



  • ARCOARCO Posts: 4,124 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Great write-up. What is the gold content? What is the fair price range of these older Ottoman gold coins?

  • hank you for responding...
    it is certain that I am not competent to make an accurate assessment of the value of these golden Ottoman coins ... this will be done by the specialists ... but it is sure that they have to seriously and thoroughly examine the history of these coins before they come to an end in some correct result ...

  • I have many references from my grandparents to the specific Ottoman coins .... some of them were used in certain regions of the Ottoman Empire and not in the whole ... this particular gold coin was transported and used in the wider region of today's Macedonian ... and in a limited number ...

  • and surely used for the reasons I mentioned in my original publication ...

  • personally I own two of these coins with this date of cut which I inherited from my ancestors
    and I certainly will not sell them in any case ... with the current assessment given by some specialists ...

  • Diameter (mm) 21
    Thickness (mm) 0.3
    Shape: Round
    Composition: Gold (.873)

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