Did you see Jonathan Lucroy get taken out at Home Plate??

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It was pretty vicious collision and the runner was called out after a review. According to the current rules I suppose it was the right call since he sidestepped at the last second and nailed the catcher solidly. Being old school it was just baseball to me, too bad they can't put a net around home plate to protect the players.

In a way it reminiscent of Pete Rose taking out Ray Fosse in the All-Star Game back around 1972, effectively ending his career. It sucked for Fosse but was just baseball. Maybe Lucroy needs to step out of the way or change positions because standing where he was can be risky, trying to interrupt what is arguably the most exciting play in MLB.

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    I agree that collisions have always been part of the game, especially to an old-timer like me. I grew up playing 2nd base and shortstop and I know first hand how having to avoid a sliding runner can change the outcome of a play. Having said that with what we know today about head injuries and the fact we'd rather have the star players on the field and not on IR I think the new rules are necessary. I hope Lucroy isn't hurt too bad and can come out of this with no lasting damage.

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    @MLBdays said:
    In this home run era of the Titleist Golf Ball....the basics in MLB have gone by the wayside..... players are not taught or are not learning how to play the game........ Marisnick purposely stepped inside the line and took him out IMO. He should be suspended and the league should teach everyone a lesson to avoid such an outcome...... back in Pete Roses' day it was legal and it was the right way to play in many eyes ... but new rules are in place and players need to be taught.

    Giancarlo Stanton just got injured for the 3rd or 4th time this season by making an improper slide to 3rd base and harming his knee....here is guy making 300 million not knowing how to execute a proper slide.... Home runs are replacing technique like bunting properly, sliding properly, base running, how to field, how to hit the cutoff etc etc.. MLB is getting lazy.... relying on the Home run and its getting boring...... And tomorrow they are going to shove the HR Derby down the esophagus..... like we haven't seen enough HR's this season already? The game is watering down the value of a HR... and along with it the splendid art of the many artful techniques of baseball.

    Agreed. That's why I prefer going to minor league games. The minor league game to me is much more enjoyable to watch than MLB.

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    My wife has the Jimmy elbows when she sleeps. Every night I lay down in bed, I fear a collision. I hope Jonathan is ok.

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    MLB is going to have to clarify the rules at some point about which lanes are the runner’s and which area the catcher controls. If the runner gets the outside lane, and the catcher blocks that path without the ball, then the runner should automatically be safe. If the runner takes the inside lane, and makes contact with the catcher before the ball arrives, the runner is out. Just an example, but the point is, the rules need to be tightened up.

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    Most runners slide/dive to their right to avoid tag, catcher has to move to where ball is. Not a clear cut situation, but runner has to do a better job of avoiding a collision like this. Diving away from the field of play would have been better.

    With a bases loaded situation perhaps catcher could have moved out in front of plate more and played it like a 1st baseman?

    I sure hope Lucroy recovers quickly and completely.

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    ** Marisnick purposely stepped inside the line and took him out IMO**.

    this is what I saw and it made no sense. had he executed a proper outside slide and dragged his hand across the plate he would have been safe. the step inside to the field of play was unnecessary and intentional. basic fundamentals are either not being taught or not being used by the players.

    I don't really like the new rules but they are THE RULES and calling him out was the right call.

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    Lucroy didn't block his path. He was inside the baseline and there was tons of space for Marisnick to get around him. Instead Marisnick actually planted his right foot and pushed off to direct himself into Lucroy before throwing a shoulder block into Lucroy's head. Completely unnecessary and dirty play. They got the call right on review and, if they're serious about the rule, should suspend Marisnick for a decent chunk of time.

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