Carlos Carrasco.

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Cleveland Indians pitcher Carlos Carrasco has released news that he has been diagnosed with Leukemia. Sad news, he had made drastic personal changes to control his emotions several years ago and had fought back, over himself, to be a premier pitcher and a solid starter on Clevelands staff.

Al H.

--- George Carlin RIP, he'd have a lot of fresh material if he was alive today!!


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    That's very sad news.

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    Hope he can win this battle too.

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    perhaps five years ago he had a very bad temper and no control of himself. he actually threw at batters in a few instances, I seem to recall one against the Yankees but I'm not sure. he took everything to heart and couldn't let things go. he always had remarkable talent but he became a liability on the mound so they sent him to the Minors.

    I don't believe there was any work done on his pitching, it was psychological and emotional, he was young and really did need help. after that season and another spent mostly in the Minors he returned to the Big League club a new man, born again so-to-speak. his talent was allowed to shine as he kept himself composed. one of my favorite things to see him do was strike someone out and walk to the back of the mound as the ball went around the horn, with a wry smile on his face!!

    one thing I have learned, I am my own worst enemy and when I can win that battle things can get good. Carlos Carrasco had done that. hopefully he can overcome this new hurdle.

    Al H.

    --- George Carlin RIP, he'd have a lot of fresh material if he was alive today!!
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    Best wishes for him and his family.

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    Some stuff in life, netting can't save folks from.

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