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Recognize Greatness & Thankfulness & The Color 'jealous'

As an old timer, in coin collecting, I have seen many of the efforts of our historically great numismatist. I have to admit, I am speechless on the success made by Mr. D.L. Hansen of Utah. What he is doing in numismatics is staggering. I am glad to be alive to see one of the greatest efforts made towards numismatic greatness. Simply unbelievable.

I look forward to getting my monthly PCGS magazine. Yet, it is very obvious, to me, that PCGS, for some unknown reason, simply does not sufficiently appreciate what Mr. D.L. Hansen is accomplishing in the name of PCGS! How much are Mr. Hansen's accomplishments truly recognized and appreciated by PCGS? It is very hard to detect from the lack of coverage. His entire collection is in PCGS holders. He even bought, recently, a NGC coin, in excess of $1,000,000; and, IMMEDIATELY, had the coin's grade lowered by PCGS when they re-holdered the coin. Yet, not a negative note uttered by Mr. Hansen. How much is the free endorsement of a product by Cody Bellinger or a president or Tiger? Yet, PCGS is virtually mute.

I have read some the strings about Mr. Hansen in this blog. Rhetorically speaking, what color is jealous? Look, I have never met Mr. Hansen. Would I look forward to a greet - of course. However, I can not believe some the things being said about Mr. Hansen from the vantage point of ignorance. People actually believing they can deduce what motivates Mr. Hansen in his collecting pursuit when they most likely have never even rubbed elbows with him let alone enjoyed his rarefied numismatic air. Shame on you. Just enjoy someone's success, for goodness sake, regardless of their numismatic motives and or the thickness of their wallet. I, for one, would never be jealous of someone's motivation in accomplishing numismatic greatness, only wishing I could just hold some of his gorgeous coins!!


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    rainbowroosierainbowroosie Posts: 4,874 ✭✭✭✭

    Overall, I envy him. My only minor negative is that he should be doing the buying not an agent. I realize he’s very busy, but viewing and bidding are 94.2% of the fun. 😉

    "You keep your 1804 dollar and 1822 half eagle -- give me rainbow roosies in MS68."
    rainbowroosie April 1, 2003
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