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1915 Cracker Jack

Anyone here trying to put together a 1915 Cracker Jack set? I've been at it for a couple years and just need 4 more cards to complete my set!!!


30 Cobb

66 Lajoie

68 Wagner

176 Vaughn


  • I am trying to get a complete set of 1915 Cracker Jack cards...I have 156 of the 1915 cards so I need 20 more;

    I also have 30 from the 1914 set.

    I have the 1915 Cobb, Wagner and Vaughn.

    I have the 1914 Lajoie but not the 1915 card.

    Did you have any luck completing your set?

    I am hoping to trade some of the 1914 cards to complete the 1915 set.

  • 19541954 Posts: 2,866 ✭✭✭

    Wow, congrats to both of you for attempting this set. It looks like you are almost to the finish line.

    Looking for high grade rookie cards and unopened boxes/cases
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