Hidden images and letters in WWII Chinese bank notes, from Reddit TIL

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If you never heard of reddit “today I learned” it is a section on the website that has scores of articles with interesting tidbits of information. The title Or summary of each article is on the main TIL page, and if you click on the summary it will give you an in-depth article or link to information regarding the topic. This is an interesting way to gather eclectic and eccentric knowledge.

I found a very interesting article regarding Chinese bank notes in the World War II era, when China was occupied by Japanese forces.
Apparently the engravers of the bank notes added images of turtles which were held in low esteem random letters which are supposed to work out a message and other interesting things here is a link to the article which I found quite fascinating.


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    Interesting information, thank you for sharing !!! :)

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    Reminded me of the propaganda photograph the North Koreans took of the USS Pueblo crew in 1968 where they were giving the "Hawaiian Hello" salute with their middle fingers.

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    Ingenious in it's simplicity. Resistance is not futile. Peace Roy

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