Is there a T205 Gold border Elberfeld Sweet Caporal back?

I collected cards featuring my grandfather's brother, kid Norman Elberfeld for about 10 years until it got to the point where I was waiting for T206 Lennox. Uzit, Broadleaf 460, and Drum backs to surface. I would call whenever a T205 was offered for sale to check out the backs and only Peidmont, 2 Hassan factories, Polar Bear, Honest long cut, and a blank back were ever listed. Does a Sweet Caporal back in any color variation exist for this card? The discussions I have found would seem to infer that black SCs were never printed but red backs are possible. 30 years ago a T206 EPDG was stolen from a UPS truck and I finally found another this year, so I guess anything's possible.


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    I collect anything Yankees or pre Yankees.
    I don't have Elberfelds T cards yet but want them.
    There are a few people doing a monster monster set. Every card and every back
    and probably know the 205's as well.

    Try new54 website. Those guys have a deep knowledge of T cards

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