T202 Hassan Triple Folders

I'm looking for the following T202's to finish off my set and have a few available for sale/trade. Primarily looking for cards in PSA/SGC 5 or better.
Chase Gets Ball Too Late-Chase/Wolter
Chase Guarding First-Chase/Wolter
Chase Safe at 3rd-Baker/Barry
Devlin Gets Man-Devlin/Mathewson(Giants)
Devlin Gets Man-Devlin/Mathewson(Rustlers)
Donlin Out at First-Leach/Wilson
Evers Makes a Safe Slide-Chance/Tinker
Ford Putting Over a Spitter-Ford/Vaughn
Good Play at 3rd-Cobb/Moriarty
Just Before the Battle-Fletcher/Mathewson
Lobert Gets Tenney-Dooin/Lobert
Lord Catches His Man-Lord/Tannehill
Speaker Rounding 3rd-Speaker/Wood
The Athletic Infield-Krause/Thomas
The Athletic Infield-Baker/Barry
Too Late for Devlin-Devlin/Mathewson(Giants)
Too Late for Devlin-Devlin/Mathewson(Rustlers)
Ty Cobb Steals 3rd-Cobb/Jennings
Ty Cobb Steals 3rd-Cobb/Moriarty

Extras for Sale/Trade:
Chief Bender Waiting-Bender/Thomas PSA-5.5 and PSA-6
Nearly Caught-Bates/Bescher PSA-4.5
Just Before the Battle-Becker/Devore PSA-4.5
Schaefer on First-McBride/Milan PSA-4

I also have a 1913 National Game (Clark Griffith) PSA-9 available

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