Value of a Michael Jordan Signed Picture?

I found an authentic 8X10 signed glossy photo of Michael Jordan. The photo itself is from one of the covers of Sports Illustrated and looks like an officially licensed product that was probably sold at an event. What is it's value? I'm not really interested in paying a large some to have it authenticated.


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    In my opinion a sports star autograph without authentication is essentially worthless. There are just too many fakes, secretary signatures, autopen signatures and just plain printed signatures out there to make buying them worthwhile.

    Many years ago I used to work for an auto manufacturer.The company sponsored a well known driver on the NASCAR circuit. When a request for a signature would arrive at the department that handled the racing program the secretary would reach into her desk, pull out an 8x10 glossy, sign it with the driver's name and send it back to the person who requested it.

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    The flow of the ink on that photograph has a autopen or preprint look to it. The pressure applied throughout the entire signature looks the same which usually isn't the case with a genuinely signed item....especially a glossy photo. And, none of the end flourishes tail off....they all end abruptly. I'm not saying this isn't a genuinely signed item, and it may be as good as gold, but I would want to take a closer in-hand look at it.

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    I think someone posted the same photo several weeks ago....

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