Help identifying these 1940s-50s autographs please

Help identifying these 1940s-50s Actors, Singers, Musicians autographs please.

Any help much appreciated

Thanks, Indy


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    I can make out a few names but I won't bother posting them since you deleted all the pics on the other thread. How will others learn and be able to use these threads as reference?

  • JBK

    Sometimes someone would recognise a certain autograph, then someone else, a few days/weeks later would recognise the same one.

    Didn't seem right wasting peoples time by leaving a photo on the thread that had already been identified.

    I didn't think of leaving them on for reference, my mistake.

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    4 might be Alan Wheatley
    14 looks like Jack LaRue


  • Steve, many thanks, both you suggested are correct.

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    The one above Jack LaRue looks like it could be Mickey Rooney.

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    Spencer Tracy (8th page)
    Mickey Rooney

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