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1921 Peace Dollar Strike Reference Guide - Roger Burdette Illustrations

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@RogerB Roger Burdette posted the following 1921 Peace Dollar Strike Reference Guide on this Forum January 9, 2019.

The Illustrations are excerpted from Roger’s book A Guide Book of Peace Dollars, 3rd Edition

@RogerB said:
This illustration might help fans of 1921 Peace dollars categorize the detail ('strike') on their coins. Detail ranges from "best" at upper left to "worst" at lower right (reading left to right, top to bottom). These focus on central detail which is the most frequently discussed area on the coin.

Most coins will fall between middle right and bottom left.

Upper left is an electrotype of the original iron cast at the Philadelphia Mint. A proof should have detail between that of the two top images; however, a few proofs have inferior central details and superior peripheral details.

One coin is known with detail inferior to the lower right example: hair and cheek completely merge.

[Illustration from A Guide Book of Peace Dollars, 3rd Edition]


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