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    The first one looks like Myrna Loy.

    Image #132938 is Francis L. Sulllivan, who died in 1956.


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    The last one is Robin someone (looks like Richard but I did not find anyone by that name).

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    2nd one Francis L Sullivan?

    3rd is Eric someone.

  • Steve many thanks for identifying two of the autographs, helps a great deal.
    And JBK again thanks for identifying one and for suggesting two others.

    What I tend to do is I put them away, then after a while get them out again and try again, sometimes it works and I instantly identify one.

    I would like to say these are all I have left to identify, but no I have about another 30, however; if you saw the amount I have eventually recognise you would be very proud of my achievement lol

    I thought it best not to flood this post with to many at one time, so will come back another day with some of the remaining ones (Unless you really want to have a go lol)

    Thanks both for your help and feel free to keep trying.


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    Personally, I just stare at them until they start to make sense. If I can identify some letters then that helps with the others. It also helps understand how the signer might write certain letters.

    Of course, some are hopelessly indecipherable.

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    This forum is pretty slow. Might as well post some more....

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    Yeah just identified another ... Barry K. Barnes (IMG_20180112_133449.jpg) (Now removed)

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    4th picture looks like Freddie Bamberger.
    5th picture looks like Martha Raye.
    6th picture is Alan Dean (he was a jazz singer)
    14th picture is Jon Hall.
    15th picture is Robert Helpmann.
    17th picture looks like Frederick Valk.


  • Steve you never cease to impress, again many thanks.
    I have absolutely no idea why I did not recognise the word 'Valk', strange thing is I am almost positive I did try it in Google many times!
    Thanks for the Jon Hall, I checked (Hope you don't mind my checking) on Google and also found a similar autograph with the other signature on it, that of 'Frances Langford', his wife.
    And Freddie Bamberger 'WOW' what a pianist

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    OOOPS! I have now accidentally deleted all the remaining autographs, so will close this thread and create a new one.

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    You should not be deleting any photos even after they are identified - they should be kept here for others as a reference.

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