Anyone collecting Topps Now this season?

Decided I would buy the Puig and Joc Pederson cards from last night. Watched the game and both moments are memorable to me. I started following/buying TN the inaugural season in 2016. There have been 20 or so each year that I wanted. I guess I'm not that actively collecting these, mostly if they put out the couple of players I pc or just something I want to remember from the season that was captured on a card. The one that seems to be more meaningful value wise is the one listed below. I had him on championship fantasy teams several years and always liked him as a pitcher. I bought this one because he achieved this milestone against his former team which also happens to be my least favorite MLB team! >:) Not sure what it's worth now, but I am guessing it's more than the $10 I paid at the time!

Anyone else buying these? Often or once in a while? Or not? :D


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    Hiya Shawn

    I buy them from time to time.

    Can't speak to appreciation tho. It will depend on how many were printed e.g.

    Keep in mind, some buy them to flip on eBay - if you buy 20, the price drops to 4 buck per.

    For players I like.

    I find it a great time to pick up an auto card when available and I reach before the #/99 sell out.


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    I bought quite a bit last year but haven't jumped in yet this year. With all the hot rookies, if you could get cards to PSA and back quickly...and they came back 10's as 98% of them did, you could turn a nice profit. At least that was on some of the limited sets. I was left with a bad taste after ordering one of those Bryce X auto sets. Didn't show, didn't show and finally Topps refunded my money. About 2 months later they e-mailed and called me saying it showed back up at Topps and wanted to know if I still wanted it for the original price. Well, I could get it cheaper on Ebay at that point. There was no...hey we'll shoot you a discount, no let's try to do something to make this up to you. I'm holding off at this point but I'm sure I'll jump back in. I have a bunch of PSA 10's from On Demand, Topps now and Throwback Thursday that can't move at the cost of the card and bulk grading cost!

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