- Many coins added to site; check them out and make me some offers!

Hi everyone, I've added several new coins to my website in the last couple of weeks. More to come in the next week or two as well. Not listing everything in this post, but will include images of a few of them below. Please check out the inventory on my site at the following link and please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

I try to price the coins at a fair market retail value, but if you see something you like and disagree with my pricing, I would not be insulted with an offer, especially if you provide some backup as to why your price is more fair. Convince me that I'm wrong! The worst I'll say is no :)

Michael Kittle Rare Coins - U.S. Coin Inventory

A few new pieces have been added to my World coin page too which is linked here:

Michael Kittle Rare Coins - World Coin Inventory

Thanks again for looking at my coins,



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