Mike Schmidt Top 5 Current Master Set For Sale


I have decided to put up my current top 5 Mike Schmidt Master set up for sale, and wanted to offer it up to members here first before I look into consigning it to an auction house.

Please understand, I do not wish to sell individually! I am looking to sell the set as a whole.

The set is currently just outside the top 5 all-time, with a couple sets retired ahead of it, and set is within distance of making up plenty of ground well into top 3 this year, as several cards needed are currently on e-Bay and 4 Sharp to purchase. If you currently started this beast of a set, have upgrades for a high ranking set, or are a dealer looking to break up for resale, this set will fill your needs.

I have several multiple hard to find Schmidt cards graded, multiple pop 1 highest graded cards, and an extremely rare one total any grade pop holy grail card on Schmidt collector's wish lists included in this set. Again, I want to sell this set as a whole.

I am willing to discuss privately with any parties about price and terms. I will not do it over the board forum, for privacy reasons. I live in northeast, hit shows in White Plains and Boston, and will be attending National in NJ next year, to give you an idea of potential driving distances. I'd prefer to sell set in person, not ship, but willing to be flexible with purchasing party.

I know White Plains has several Philly dealers, and I know some of the bigger collector's of Schmidt are on this board. I don't frequent any other board, so you guys can get first crack at this fine collection! Anyone that has potential parties interested in this set on other boards please feel free to contact them or link to this post. I have yet to contact any auction houses or dealers.

Please pm me with email address and I will send link to set for you to peruse. Interested parties only please, I fully understand the market on this set, so a one line sentence asking how much reply to me is not appreciated.

I can consider a group of interested parties that would purchase and split set if interested.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your interest, enjoy the hobby!


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