Far East bronze ID help needed

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I admit, I do not pay enough attention when Oriental bronze is posted here. Mea culpa, mea culpa. I spent about one hour looking for something on this, iffy luck. Could I ask for some help?

This came in with a collection today. Bronze, 34.5mm, 10.3 grams but some bronze missing at 3 o'clock.

Many thanks for your responses. Brought back from WWII by an American soldier, now deceased. His service time was in Pacific Theater and included Burma! He brought back minimal oriental coins but brought back (hand-carried) two large 'prints' from Burma.


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    This appears to be a Tong Bao of the Chong Ning emperor. I will post my own example for comparison. Cast between 1102 and 1107.

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    Check out the lower coin.

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    Very many thanks, your coin is far nicer, of course. I am surprised that the flaw or piercing didn't remove part of the character.

    I will promise to go and read a little bit about this era. Not for money, but for the sake of learning something.

    Your knowledge and willingness to share are appreciated.

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