Best Pen for Autograph on Baseball?

What ballpoint pen do folks use for signatures on a baseball? I have a few official Manfred balls that were signed in the last 18 months (all at various times, and the balls came from various batches - not a single dozen from the same batch) with a BIC blue Round Stick Medium ballpoint, and I've noticed that all are starting to show various parts where the signature is bleeding (some in the middle of the signature, some towards the end, including the final stroke). All of the pens used were prepped first, although I did not erase the balls or otherwise prep them before signing (I've heard some folks do that).

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  • JBKJBK Posts: 5,529 ✭✭✭✭✭

    As far as I know that is the best one (I have also used Papermate BP pens).

    Are you sure it is bleeding and not breaks due to the grain of the leather? If it is bleeding I can only guess that there was too much "oil" in the ink. It might be the batch of pens more than the balls.

    I have my share of signed baseballs but leather is a terrible substance to write on and in general ballpoint pens are a bad choice for a pen, but in the case of leather baseballs it works out that they are the best (only real) choice.

    You obviously understand the variations in balls that can occur. I pick up the good ones (ROMLB) at Walmart at season-end clearance time - a couple years ago I got some for about $6 each. I let them sit for a few years and see if anything funky happens to them before I use one for an important signature.

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