Help I/D autograph

Help I/D basketball shoe with autograph had this shoe for many years and never could figure out the autograph any info would be great. Thanks.



  • The supreme cdubbz hi (2002) 1st worn by Chris webb.Sacramento kings. Don't recognize the signature. What games have you been to or what city do you live in. That will narrow the search.

  • Try this site to search for nba and aba players who wore 21. Can search by season.
    Looking at autographed basketball card images via google, it looks how Vlade Divac signs....looks like he just signs his last name and sometimes the D looks more like an R.

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  • thanks everyone for you replies I forgot I had post until I see the shoe again today I will check the link sent by windwhisper thanks for that and to henrywilling I recieved it from a friend here in Prescott Arizona so I haven’t been to any games or nothing like that and as for my friend not sure where he recieved it from either anyways thanks for the replies. Matt.

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