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FS: 1934-1969 Small Size Type and Fancies

Best to email me at fa[email protected] if interested, though I do get PMs as well.

Want a dealer's type discount? Then buy enough notes to warrant it, like 10 or more.

Prices are for payment via no fee method. Paypal personal payment or direct deposit into my Bank of America checking preferred (electronically or via teller).

Shipping/Insurance depends on order.

Payment plans available on larger purchases.

I can provide pics of anything if needed.


1934C $5 FRN #L11613108B in AU+ —$40

1950A $10 FRN#01234502* in VF —Almost Full Ladder Type—$100

1963 $1 FRN #G22220000C in VF —0-2 Binary Quad Serial—$125

1963 $1 FRN #F98812629 in XF—High Serial from a Tough Block—$20

1963A $1 FRN #L98837307E in GEM CU—High Serial—$35

1963 $1 #F98812629 in XF— High Serial from a Tough Block—$20

1963A $1 #L98837307E in GEM CU—High Serial—$35

1963A $1 FRN Star #C00001030* in VF+ —Low Serial Philly Star—$40

1963A $1 FRN Star #G12345566* in VERY GEM CU—Almost Full Ladder Type—$150

1969 $1 #A00002190* in VF+ —Low Serial Boston Star—$40

1969 $1 FRN—First and Last Note of Brick--#J11080001-11084000, Both in CHCU/GEM. Outside Bank Cover Notes Included (Not pre-1967 but very cool!) —$150

1969A $1 #D48000000B in VERY GEM CU—A 48 Million Note—$475

1969D $1 #E80300000A in GEM CU—Another Ten Millions Type—$295

1969D $1 #15099999A in CHCU/GEM—Note Ending in Five 9s—$195

1969D $1 #A20899999B in VERY GEM CU—Note Ending in Five 9s—$195

1969B $1 #E55299999A in CHCU/GEM— Note Ending in Five 9s—$175

1969B $1 #G54539999A in VERY GEM CU— Note Ending in Four 9s—$125

1969B $1 #88159999B in CHCU+ — Note Ending in Four 9s—$100

1969B $1 #L01529999A in CHCU+ — Note Ending in Four 9s—$100

1969B $1 #G00876543C in SUPERB GEM CU—6-digit Down Ladder—$250

1969D $1 #K09877890B in SUPERB GEM CU—Rare Dallas Down Ladder Radar—$150

Silver Certificates

1934C $5 SC #Q10803225A in VF+ —$25

1935A $1 SC #U00008800 in ABOUT CU—Lucky 88s! —$300

1935B $1 SC #E71344440D in VF—4 of a Kind Straight 4s—$10

1935C $1 SC #K23735756E in About XF—$10

1935D $1 SC #E47062984G in XF—$10

1935D $1 SC #H44001681F in VF+ —$10

1935D $1 SC #B77778777F in VF —7-of-a-Kind 7s—One digit off the solid—$300

1935E $1 SC #L82699299 in CHCU—4 of a Kind 9s—$15

1935E $1 SC #Y66628289H in VF—666 beginning—$10

1935E $1 SC #C00018898H in CHCU—Lowish Serial—$25

1935E $1 SC #C09299999I in CHCU—Fancy 6 of a Kind 9s—$150
1935F $1 SC #T99451060 in CHCU+ —High Serial—$15
1935F $1 SC #B01958416J in About XF—$10

1935G $1 SC #C66629758J in CU—666 beginning—$10

1957 $1 SC #V19233930A in XF—Birthyear Serial—$10

1957 $1 SC #Q55025195A in XF+—$10

1957 $1 SC #K99643511A in VF—High Serial—$15

1957 $1 SC #A00001399A in CGA GEM-65—Front Plate #1 & Back Plate #1 on a $1! —$100

1957 $1 SC #E36668808A in AU—$10

1957A $1 SC #E91481922A in XF+ —Birthyear Serial—$15

1957A $1 SC #H06867000A in GEM CU—$60

1957A $1 SC #M33333900A in VF—5 of a Kind Straight 3s Start Fancy Serial—$50

1957B $1 SC #R47777777A in VF —7-of-a-Kind Straight 7s—$300

1957B $1 SC #V84857539A in About XF—$10

1957B $1 SC Consecutive # W43213395A-W43213399A all in CHCU/GEM—Rare Ladder Type—Five Notes—$100

1957B $1 SC #Y12340000A in AU+ —Awesome Extremely Rare/Hard to Find Ladder Type! —$300

1957 $1 SC Star #*77774398B in GEM CU—4 of a Kind Straight 7s Start Fancy Serial—$35

1957 $1 SC Consecutive Stars #41682192A-41682195A—all GEM CU—Four Notes—$110

1957 $1 SC Star #*01770052A in CHCU—$30

1957A $1 SC Star #*11843933A in CHCU/GEM—$30

1957B $1 SC Star #*05208978B in CHCU/GEM—$30

1957B $1 SC Star #*414001739B in GEM CU—$30

United States Notes—Legal Tender

1928E $5 USN #G80010800A in VF—Fancy Serial—$35

1928G $2 USN #D89801577A in VF—$30

1953 $2 USN #A43214838A in CU—Rare Ladder Type—$45

1953 $2 USN #A44435212A in VF—444 Beginning—$20

1953A $2 USN #A51569399A in VF—$20

1953A $2 USN #A62620020A in GEM CU—Fancy Repeater Type—$35

1953C $2 USN Star #*03811854A in XF—$40

1963 $2 USN #A17768568A in CHCU/GEM—1776 Bicentennial Serial—$50

1963 $2 USN #A10303030A in VF+ —Repeater Type —$30

1963 $2 USN #A00444841A in VF—4 of a Kind 4s and 3 pairs—$20

1963 $5 USN #A41077140 in AU—4 Pair Near Radar—$30

Specializing in Low, High, Fancy & Matching Serial US Currency, with a special hoard of BEP Premium Sets & Products. Also modern coin rarities.

Fancycashcom on Ebay: myurl

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