Hostess sets 1975-1979

Are any of these Hostess sets/cards rarer than other years? Just curious...

Thank you,

Looking for Nolan Ryan, Reggie Jackson & George Brett PSA cards. Also interested in Ted Williams, Hank Aaron & Sandy Koufax PSA cards.


  • I completed these sets a few years ago. There are definitely panels within the years that are more challenging - just because they were on less popular items. None of them are drastically more expensive, just harder to find. I have not found that any of the years themselves are scarcer than any other. Have been working on the Twinkies variation for several years now and those have proven to be harder to find than I had anticipated. But fun sets for me as they remind me of my youth trying to convince my mom to get me a box. I still have the ones I got as a child and I was horrible to them.

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