Cleveland signed Kareem Hunt

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the Browns just became even more interesting, for more than one reason


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    Damn Chubb and Hunt

    Chubb can’t be thrilled as well as Chubb fantasy keeper owners


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    Chubb just dropped from being a first round pick for me. Either way I’m glad Hunt has been given a second chance

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    One thing about Andy Reid. He isn't the greatest game day coach. However in his long tenure with the Eagles, there were very few players he released that amounted to much with other teams.

    Perhaps Hunt will become an exception here. But i would be very suspect.

    I think something is wrong here that doesn't meet the eye, possibly regarding other matters, as bad as the violence matter is.

    That's my opinion. We shall see how it all works out.

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    Steve this kid was literally a top 5 back, the release by the Chiefs was a direct result of the potential bad publicity coupled with the coming exempt list, the Chiefs probably felt they were so good with Mahomes that any serviceable RB could be inserted. So far from what I’m reading the kid hasn’t been charged with anything outside of the media making him out to be a monster, sure what he did was bad and inexcusable for what he did to a woman but not all the facts are clear, what is clear is the kid has apologized to the woman and is in a program to assist his “Behavior” whether or not is genuine or just to get back in the NFL is anyone’s guess but on paper the kid is doing what he should and again I feel he deserves a second chance. The Browns have what looks to be an exiting team next season, something Browns fans sorely need.

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    I just read this about an hour ago and haven't reacted to it yet. I am not very familiar with all that took place but my initial thinking is that Dorsey is smart and the timing, so long after his release, seems to indicate that "due diligence" was performed by the Browns. if anything, the Team seems to have climbed out of the pattern of drama that they had been in, the locker room and practice field seem harmonious to a point.

    to the talent, Kareem Hunt seems to have abundant talent but so did Trent Richardson coming out of Alabama. I think the Browns took him as a Number 2 pick and he initially looked like the "real deal" in his first season --- then they strangely traded him and now he's out of the NFL and an afterthought. Nick Chubb has earned his starting role so I don't think he should be automatically supplanted from that role. as I see it the Browns now have two RB's that they can rotate, fresh legs if you like.

    I just hope no drama factor has been added. absent that, the Team is a little closer to being a competitor and more fun to watch.

    --- George Carlin RIP, he'd have a lot of fresh material if he was alive today!!
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    well if the chiefs hadn't released him they might have been in the superbowl

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    @bronco2078 said:
    well if the chiefs hadn't released him they might have been in the superbowl

    I don’t know about that, D Williams had a very strong game.

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