Autos: Bowman's Best vs. Bowman Chrome

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I accidentally posted this in the BST section, so I'm re-posting here: Why's there such a big price disparity between the autographs of the 2? BB has some great rookie autos that can be had for a fraction of the price of their BC counterpart.


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    1. Only Bowman Chrome marks “1st Bowman” designation. These are generally the big $ Bowman auto cards. For the guys I collect, “1st Bowman” autos are highly desirable cards. Pre MLB RC Bowman’s Best autos just don’t compare. Kind of like comparing a Topps base RC to a Topps Opening Day RC.

    Which leads to......

    1. Others may see things differently, but personally I look at Bowman Chrome vs Bowman’s Best the same way I look at Topps Series 1 vs Topps Opening Day. One is the “base” series and the other isn’t.

    Just my opinion but that’s the best explanation I can offer.

    Always looking for tougher PSA 10's of Nolan Arenado, Alex Bregman, Mookie Betts, Francisco Lindor, and Mike Trout.

  • Bowman Chrome is the top tier product the collectors have decided on. Chrome doesn't cost more to make than Best but yet the boxes cost differently. It use to be the RC you wanted now it is the 1st Card. Current product is no more than Stock Market speculation.

  • It's true that Bowman Chrome is the go to Pre Rookie Card. However, your ROI can be very good with Bowman's Best. I have been stock piling one of my favorite prospects from this year's draft. His base auto goes for $4-6 and the refractor parallel can be had for under $10. it doesn't take much to see a little bump. This time next year they could easily be $15-25 cards.

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