Autos: Bowman's Best vs. Bowman Chrome

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I accidentally posted this in the BST section, so I'm re-posting here: Why's there such a big price disparity between the autographs of the 2? BB has some great rookie autos that can be had for a fraction of the price of their BC counterpart.


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    1. Only Bowman Chrome marks “1st Bowman” designation. These are generally the big $ Bowman auto cards. For the guys I collect, “1st Bowman” autos are highly desirable cards. Pre MLB RC Bowman’s Best autos just don’t compare. Kind of like comparing a Topps base RC to a Topps Opening Day RC.

    Which leads to......

    1. Others may see things differently, but personally I look at Bowman Chrome vs Bowman’s Best the same way I look at Topps Series 1 vs Topps Opening Day. One is the “base” series and the other isn’t.

    Just my opinion but that’s the best explanation I can offer.

    Always looking for tougher PSA 10's of Nolan Arenado, Alex Bregman, Mookie Betts, Francisco Lindor, and Mike Trout.

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    It's true that Bowman Chrome is the go to Pre Rookie Card. However, your ROI can be very good with Bowman's Best. I have been stock piling one of my favorite prospects from this year's draft. His base auto goes for $4-6 and the refractor parallel can be had for under $10. it doesn't take much to see a little bump. This time next year they could easily be $15-25 cards.

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