Trout Rookie Question and OT Fantasy Baseball

In 2011, when my older two still played little league and had a slight interest in baseball, I had gotten them a few packs of the update series. Sometime in 2016, while cleaning up their rooms, I gathered them together with random cards 2010-2013.

Among the 2011 was a Trout Cognac. Miraculously, it hadn't suffered the same fate as about 60% of the cards and appeared to be in decent shape.

Every few years, rather than participate in a group sub, I get a PSA membership. So, when I re-upped at the White Plains August show, I included the Trout with my Bernie Parents, 54-55 Topps hockey and a fellow survivor, a Nathan MacKinnon Young Guns (which was identifiable as my middle son's card).

The Trout pulled a 9 (MacKinnon a 10, which, unfortunately, we sold a year too early).

My question is: Would you rather have the regular card in a 10 or the cognac in a 9? Based on Ebay, they're selling in the same range, $600 to $675. Here's to seeing a Harper/Trout outfield at Citizens Park in 2020.

OT - My fantasy baseball league is looking for an owner. It is an NL only, keeper league that plays by ultra rules (if you're familiar with the original Rotisserie books from the 80's). It may be the oldest continuous running league as it was started in 1985 with a few original owners still left. It is primarily a "pride" league that covers the cost of plus some prize money for the top four, about $250 per team with third place breaking even (50/25/15/10 allocation of prize money, I believe). Most of the guys are based in Philly and NYC metro. Our auction/draft typically alternates between Plymouth Meeting (Philly) and NYC. This year, it is in Plymouth Meeting on April 7. If anyone is interested, please feel free to send me a PM and I can provide more details.


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    I would probably prefer to have the PSA 10 base. Only because it’s a 10.

    I collect: 80’s Rookies and 86 Fleer Basketball
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