1882 Jamaica "No H" London Penny!

This is a coin of which there have been some rumors spread around for many years. Many had thought that there were no London Royal Mint struck pennies for Jamaica in 1882, and even Remick declared that none existed although conceding the proof/specimen piece (that is listed and pictured on the PCGS Census).

Most had argued that the non-Heaton mint pieces really were struck in Heaton with the requisite "H" mintmarked that had either been removed or suffered from filling of die.

Several years ago I found on ebay a coin later graded VF35 by PCGS which looked to not have been tampered, and then this showed up in one of the NYINC auctions last month. Interestingly NGC census has SIX listed as "No H" but only one of the vastly more common "H". I contacted them and they totally missed what I was getting at: that their listings are likely jumbled or possibly reversed and that most in the former category are likely belonging to the latter. They referred to "Coin Archives" and said there were numerous listed there. That pissed me off because it did not address my question & may be evidence that they do not keep photo logs of coins they have certified (or maybe she was just not to be bothered with such and felt a snarky attitude was appropriate).

I looked in "Coin Archives" , and the only one listed is the one pictured here, so I am not sure what she is talking about - she has not responded to my followup.
That's not really important as I just wanted to share what I believe to be a very rare coin here:

Love that Milled British (1830-1960)
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  • pruebaspruebas Posts: 2,090 ✭✭✭✭

    Not being sure what the Royal Mint records say, but could be one of the working dies failed to get the mintmark punched into it?

  • 7Jaguars7Jaguars Posts: 5,083 ✭✭✭✭

    Yes, certainly possible. It has been a source of some debate.

    I noted that there is some discussion in the Baldwin catalog of the Arielle II collection and J. Remick's opinion - that was, I believe Baldwin Sale #85 from 2014....
    BTW, do any readers know who "Arielle" actually is/was?

    Love that Milled British (1830-1960)
    Well, just Love coins, period.
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