Any Bill "Spaceman" Lee fans?

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    Figured I would give this thread a bump with a cool story/pic of Bill......

    The kid with the Stanton shirt on is my Son getting his ball signed by Bill Lee at a Legends game in Fort Lauderdale many years ago. I took the picture of the whole thing going on and when I got home, I printed it and sent it to Bill asking that he autograph the picture.

    He graciously obliged and the rest, as they say, is collection history!

    Funny thing is, I had a similar experience of Bill autographing cards of mine in 1978 when I was my Son's age.

    Spaceman is one of a kind!

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    Well, I'll add my 2 cents...

    Lee once said that because of his use of marijuana, he became immune to the smell of the garbage trucks as he jogged to Fenway Park.

    He was a charter member of the Buffalo Heads, a group of relief pitchers that so hated then coach Don Zimmer, that they named him the Gerbil. Zimmer retaliated with poor managerial decisions and either not playing, or pulling too early relief pitchers. In the 1978 one game playoff, as the Red Sox were chasing the Yankees, he refused to pitch Lee,. This is the infamous Bucky Dent home run. Zimmer's personal hatred for Lee and the Buffalo Heads can be directly related to the Red Sox losing the pennant and season ending homer by Dent.

    Zimmer was also key in trading HOFer Ferguson Jenkins and Bernie Carbo...that was it for Lee. He was traded at the end of the 1978 season to the Expos. His parting quote "Who wants to be with a team that will go down in history alongside the '64 Phillies and the '67 Arabs?"__

    Lee won 16 games for the Expos in 1979, while being named The Sporting News National League Left Hander of the Year.

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