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1954 Topps Baseball

Other than the price difference , would a fully graded set of 7's really be that much more attractive than 6's???? I've regretted selling my graded set a couple years ago and want to build a new one ... Debating on grade ... Any opinions are appreciated


  • natetrooknatetrook Posts: 608 ✭✭✭

    Depends on how picky you are on centering.
    I have owned some blazing centered 6's, with minor bit of chipping on back on green edges, or corner ding,
    that blow away an ugly, off centered 7.

    Go for 8's on the commons. Nice ones can be picked up for under $40-50, and centered stars in 6-7,
    can look like an all "8" set.

  • Was just curious if eye appeal would be heavier on all 7's or if I did all 6's with both sets being well centered .. I'm ocd so I try to pick up the nice ones ya know

  • I see this as more of an investment to sell off closer to retirement ... So I guess all 7's would obv bring more down the line

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