I see China is selling bogus 2015 silver eagles again.............

I guess reporting this several times did no good...…..


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    There's no end to it !!! :'(

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    "Again"? Don't you mean "still"? The Chinese never stopped producing ASE's. These are nothing new.

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    @AcesCracked said:
    I guess reporting this several times did no good...…..

    How are you reporting it? You should be reporting as a fraud.
    1) click on "report" halfway down the page on the right
    2) click on "listing practices"
    3) click on "fraudulent listing activities"
    4) click on "you suspect that a listing is fraudulent"

    It is so this is the proper form of reporting.
    bob :)

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    For coins such as this that are described as replicas here is how to report:
    1. copyright and trademark
    2. Counterfeit item or authenticity disclaimer
    3. Counterfeit, fake, or replica items
    Then hit continue button to add comments:
    "Replica coin listed in coin category (see description), violates ebay coin policy."

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  • That's exactly how it did it this time Derry. You told us the steps about 6 months ago when I first saw them.

    Just bad for the hobby as a dishonest person resells with the same pic and when buyer questions him you get the "I don't know"

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