2019 "Previously Known as Red Flip" Auto Group Sub- Gaining Interest UPDATE

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Hello all, I have been in communication with Mike and have the contact information for the group auto sub. The purpose of this thread is to get the amount of interest for the sub. There has been an email sent to PSA about the details and pricing, but still awaiting a reply. I would like to thank him for taking on this sub previously as it is a large undertaking and benefits many. Please reply if you would like to take part and how many you plan on sending, we will keep the minumum at 10 items per previous subs. The plan is to have these in hand by March 18th and sent to PSA by the 25th of March.

**I talked to PSA today and we are good for $16 a card once again as long as we get 300-500 cards to send in. The max declared value will be $499 whereas last year we were limited to $249. I will reach out to others that may want to be included as well. We will go along with the same categories as last year, which are as follows:

OPTION 1: Grade Card AND Grade Autograph
OPTION 2: Grade Card DO NOT Grade Auto (it will be AUTHENTIC ONLY)
OPTION 3: Card AND Autograph AUTHENTIC only
Tall Boys can be a part of any of the above

I will start a new thread once we are official and sure we can hit the target.**

LarkinCollector: 10-15
JMaciu: 20
SDSportsFan: 10-20
rounding3rd: 10
miwlvrn: 10-20
Nascar360: 10-20
ghooper33: 20-25
MyDaughtersNameIsMattingly: 10-15
stagno33: 10-15
rtimmer: 10
MrHockey: 15
Soonerific: 20
tonylags: 10-20
tsalems1: 15-20
45isodd: 40-45

That puts our total between 220 and 290 so we still need more to join in. This sub would be perfect for modern autos with values between $100 and $499 in which you would like dual grading!


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