Connie Mack's ALL TIME- ALL STAR TEAM framed.

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Hi all,
I'm active on US coins Etc.

I've had this framed group since the 70's. I have no idea of value. I could use some help with any info on it please.
My phone pics are not so good though I could try for detailed pics if interested.

Players: Walter Johnson, John Peter Wagner, Christopher Mathewson, Tristan F. Speaker, Edward Trowbridge Collins, James J. Collins and George Herman Ruth. Babe is actually third from left. The rest are L-R in frame.

I have no Idea of any value. These appear to be die cut to fold as I guess standups. If any interest I'd be willing to sell or trade for equal value in bullion.

Please advise and thanks.



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    Are these individual cards (7 total) that are matted and presented within the frame or does it look like a larger 27 inch x 9 inch (wild ass guess) print that is framed but not matted?

    When you open up the back of the frame, what do you see = cards individually taped or a print?

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    The are individualy affixed to a white backer that was glued to fluted corrugate I just sent this to @1951WheatiesPremium I'm uncertain about going any further on this. Some one glued the backing paper to eflute corrugated and then framed it tightly. I really don't see any die cutting or other scoring. The trimming though is exact on each.

    I'd send it to you but I'm thinking these could be litho repros unless a set was produced flat. Rather than tear it apart
    perhaps best to hang it on the wall.

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