Are these worth anything?

I found some dollars that have serial numbers going in row and was wondering if any of those are worth something. Also one of pictures shows misprint of number nine in serial number.



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    look like spenders to me, I'll defer to the more knowledgeable. Keep looking.

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  • Thanks, ye I will wait for some more replies before spending them. Like to my knowledge atleast misprint should be more, cause it does not happen that often.
    Also whats up with people selling 1988 CAN dollars on ebay for more than their inital value.
    Couple links:

    Like I have many of them in uncirculated shape, atleast with bare eye many of the bills seem to be in perfect shape.(they havent been used, just taken out of bank and have been sitting and collecting dust(actually they were kept in envelope, so no dust collecting :) )

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    You may not get much for them at your LCS, but all of them will fetch a premium on eBay. I don’t add any premium for the notes being consecutive, but if uncirculated, you could easily sell them. If you didn’t want the hassle of eBay, you could take offers here on the BST.

    Show them to someone that can verify their grade and get them into quality currency sleeves.

  • By showing them to someone, you mean showing pictures of them or irl showing?

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    Preferably in person.

    Photos sometimes don’t tell the whole story, especially flat photos.
    Compare these two photos of the same note. In the first photo, the note appears to be uncirculated with very minor handling. But add side lighting, and the second photo shows a completely different look.

  • Well its kinda hard to show them irl specially if buyer lives on other side of the world heh, but I can take all sorts of pictures with all sorts of lighting.

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    How about posting photos with side lighting on one of each run. Let’s start there.

    You can post photos here directly without having to use a host.

  • Okay, so by side ligting I just take ordinary lamp(have LED lamp that I can use rn) and shine light on it from side, is there optimal angle or something more I should know? :)

  • Managed to get some pictures. The ones I have here are one of my best looking canadian dollars, only they have like a smudge under their serial numbers, or idk what its called, probably from somebody touching it with dirty fingers(not me :) ). Also another thing I discovered thanks to you, is the fact that all canadian dollars have slight, not sure how to call it, a fold in midle because I have been storing them in packs and every pack has sorta like money clip. Sorry for my english not native speaker :blush:

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    Nope, nothing special. You’ll know it when you see it. Most of the time I use a simple LED torch and lay it down beside the note, like this.

  • Oh and btw click on the pictures to see them in full screen!

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    Please also do the $5’s and $20’s.

  • And another thing I would like to point out is that they all(canadian dollars) have some sort of green dots, shouldnt be mold lol.

  • Link for $5’s and $20’s. Both $5’s and $20’s have some two folded placed that you can see under light only, but thats from keeping them.

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