Trio of spectacular New York Civil War token rarities "Time is Money" ex. Bowers SOLD

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Here is a trio of spectacular NY Civil War tokens, formerly of the collection of Q. David Bowers. Hussey's Special Message Post, "Time is Money."
NY, New York NY-630AK-1a PCGS MS65BN, Copper, R-1 (common token in extraordinary condition and toned wildly!) $350

NY, New York-630AK-1d PCGS MS65 (Very rare copper-nickel strike, R-9) $600

NY, New York NY-630-AK-2b PCGS MS63 (Very rare strike in brass, R-9) $550

George Hussey operated a delivery service on William St during the American Civil War, which specialized in certified documents between banks and businesses. The tokens issued are some of the most appealing of the entire series, with great appeal to even strict collectors of Federal coinage. The above examples were set aside by Dave Bowers for his personal collection, and they have been off the market for a very, very long time.

A great opportunity!

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    Beautiful Coins!


    Error Coins- Off Metals, Double Denominations, Double Struck in Collar

    Error Money- US small size

    Pattern Coins

    Holed or Damaged Coins (key dates, gold)

    New Orleans Gold
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    Very "cool" !!! B)

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    Last bump, take all three for $1375.

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    I love the train!!!!

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    These are still available, folks!

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  • super tokens....need to find some extra $$$$$$


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    Do these say Bowers on the holder ?

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    Yes, these are all in the special Q. David Bowers Collection slabs by PCGS. For those that do not know this, when Bowers began liquidating his vast collection of civil war tokens, he sent them to PCGS to be slabbed with a special label denoting that they are from the "Q. David Bowers Reference Collection."
    Nearly everything I've seen has been top notch.

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