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There was a lot of material and in the confusion I saw that Heritage Auctions pricing forgot to value this 1928-D $2 USN Star note as a Mule and listed estimates for the Non-Mule at $500-$700. The note is triple that value.


  • Yep but trust me the usual 3 or 4 sharks spotted it and made sure it didn't go cheap.

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    Surprised Heritage didn't list it as the more valuable Mule - the PCGS label clearly stated it

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    No shots made at PCGS. Not sure how you arrived at that conclusion unless you didn't actually look at the item in the link.

    Perhaps I did not clearly relay what happened.
    Just to clarify, it was Heritage that estimated pricing as a Non-Mule and listed that in the online auction pricing estimate at the Heritage Auction website.

    PCGS had the holder right and correctly labelled it as the more rare Mule.
    None of my comments were directed at PCGS (you are projecting again) but at keen bidders who identify the rarity, saw the low Heritage Auction estimate dissuading the uninformed and smelled a steal, bidding like a thief :)

    Happy collecting!

    @teddysmith1952 said:
    LOL. Always the PCGS shots huh synchr? If this was a PMG note this post wouldn't have happened. For those not familiar with PMG, they are the grading company that gives GEM66 grades and up to notes with lopsided margins.

    Of course I'm poking fun know. Let's make it a level playing field......

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    Bought for strong money !!! :)

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    I thought it was cheap
    BTW the auction lot just before this was for a standard 1928-D Star (Non Mule) and I see that its serial number is just 20 Serial numbers apart from this, and it was a 66EPQ

    @Timbuk3 said:
    Bought for strong money !!! :)

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