Dumb question on sales tax in US auction venues

When did Heritage start charging sales tax to all states? I have not bought enough in recent months to be aware of the change.
Is it a function of the venue in which the auction takes place, or the state in which the buyer is bidding/lot is sent? NYINC lot hammered in NY and lot goes to TX. For 1 lot, premium plus sales tax plus shipping puts the total at 32% over hammer. Ouch....overhead cost of an auction lot certainly is increasing. Lesson learned I suppose.


  • worldcoinguyworldcoinguy Posts: 2,755 ✭✭✭

    Update: Invoices went out from HA with some problems regarding sales tax. They are working to fix and reissue invoices. Regarding the guidelines going forward for 2019, I am still seeking some clarification.

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    Short answer is I don't know.

    But, they have charged sales tax on me (living in CA) - which means that many of my purchases end up quite a bit over hammer....

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    It should have nothing to do with the venue, but where the product is delivered to.

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    After the Supreme Court's decision last year you pay taxes to Heritage, or any other on line seller, based on your address. So whatever California charges you have to pay.

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    HA started collecting applicable sales tax on Aug 1st 2018.

    The initial invoices they sent out had NYC sales tax. You will receive a new corrected invoice relevant to your state's tax. Mine went from $119+ to $0 because I live in Connecticut (no tax on antique coins).


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    Many thanks to all of the clarifications. I felt a bit naive asking in this manner but the invoice had me doing a double-take wondering how I missed something so significant. Props to HA for correcting it so quickly.

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