2 1982 large date pennies. Missing clad or damaged?? Reverse side.

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    No clads. Either copper coated zinc or 95% copper + 5% zinc.

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    Sweet missing clads. I thought they were dirty or damaged until I seen 1998 forsale and was like🤔. Glad I didn’t toss them. I know there 7 different varieties of the 1982 penny. I think they are large date copper. I don’t have a scale to weight yet. But by looking from all the pre 1982 penny. It looks copper.

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    I think you misunderstood the answer. Cents are not clad, so there can he no "missing clads". If they were missing the copper plating then they would be silver or grey. Yours are not - they are just tarnished copper, either plated zinc or solid copper.

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    Digital scale and digital calipers for $8 each at Harbour Freight. Gotta have em.

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    Clad example: look at a quarter from the edge, notice the “band” of silvery color and coppery color. This is a clad coin with nickel (the metal) and copper.

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    Thanks y’all. I do know about the clad quarters. Well no clad penny’s. No such thing. What’s up with this penny here someone selling.
    If penny’s doesn’t have a clad layer then why this one got two bids.

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    Because there are stupid people who don't know what they are bidding on.....

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