Is this 2012 Dime Mint Error Collectible?

The errors on the dime are not due to damage after circulation. However, I read somewhere that rim errors are not considered actual mint errors worth money or worth collecting.!

Any insight is welcome.


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    @Ncl81186 Welcome to the PCGS forums.

    Wish the pic was more in-focus and close-up, but looks like a major cud/die break. The die that struck that dime was definitely on its last legs. The metal filled the void in the obverse die’s break and therefore the weakness/lack of metal on the reverse.

    To answer your question. Yes, to error collectors.

  • Thank you for explaining the cause of the dime’s mutation because I would have lost the coin before I could have pieced that together. My Apple phone usually takes pretty good pictures but it wasn’t in the mood to cooperate today. Thanks again for the quick reply!

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    That coin appears heavily damaged to me. What is the basis for the ground rules in the original post that it is not damaged?

    Its apparent to me based on these blurry pics but I am assuming that edge pics would show distortion consistent with damage.

    P.S. - if that thing is worth money let me know who is paying so I can make some up in my garage.

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    No opinion here with blurry pics. Gotta do close up, in focus pics of obv and rev to get feedback.

  • Well JBK I’ll know where your coins came from the next time to come up with dimes for sale. Thank you all for the helpful responses, but simply writing it off as a dud seems to me to be an odd method of coin collecting. Attached are better visuals of the dime.

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    Thanks for the closeups and edge pics. This may help (see last item), or not,

    Also, there is something (or lack of) on the edge pics. More circumference edge pics would be helpful to get an idea of the reeding (or lack of) and any changes in the thickness of the dime.

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    It is 100% post mint damage.

    Post pics on the US Coin forum and you will get lots of replies real quickly, including from @FredWeinberg who does some of the error authentication for PCGS.

    P.S. - cuds are not perfectly flat like that. That coin was likely bent and twisted ar the edge and someone whacked it flat so it could be spent or put through a coin machine. I have three or four bent coins waiting for the same treatment.

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    Agree with @JBK to post on the US Coin Forum, here is the link,

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