1992 Upper Deck Baseball High Series Box (aka: steak flavoring)




This guy threw 50 touchdowns this year !!





More than half the box left. (scanning helps keep me out of prison)


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    That Deion football to baseball was pretty cool at the time.


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    The 50 TD's were by his Son

    I ripped a lot of that stuff

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    I'm Sorry this happened to you

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    We were so excited when Pat got called up to the majors from playing double AA in Orlando. We went to so many games during that time because my dad worked a little side gig in the concession stand and got to sit with the pitchers behind the plate recording stats. Pat was such a nice guy and threw gas. Watched him K 18 guys right before getting called up.

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    Every place I paused while scrolling through, there was a Grand Theft card. Locking my doors extra tight tonight.

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    Any other teams Gregg Jefferies was playing on in 1992 besides the Royals and Mets?

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    I'm always amazed that Howard Johnson was in fact from THAT Howard Johnson. Pretty ridiculous that you're set for life from birth and you end up being legitimately one of the best players in baseball for a few years. Not a bad gig.

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    I believe by 1992, I was pretty much over Upper Deck baseball, and had moved on to Ultra, Leaf, and Stadium Club, so I don't think I've ever seen most of those cards. Looking back, you can really appreciate the action shots as well as the goofball and candid shots. Love Maddux covering first, and the gazelle-like Bonds chasing down a fly in old Candlestick. Turk Wendell would chew black licorice on the mound instead of tobacco, and would brush his teeth in the dugout every half inning.

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    That set had some of the best photography of any set IMO. It is a fun set to look at in a binder!!


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