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1997-98 Upper Deck #18 Michael Jordan

I recently purchased a PSA 10 of this card, but, PSA is stating that the cert doesn't match the Jordan Basic Set. However, there are others that are in the set for other users that are identical. Can someone adequately explain the difference between:

1) 1997-98 Upper Deck #18 Michael Jordan
2) 1997-98 Upper Deck Game Dated Memorable Moments #18 Michael Jordan

i am not aware that there were two different upper deck sets, one being regular and the other being "game dated" as the cards are identical. Wasn't there only one set? Like, i can't buy a box of regular upper deck and different box of game dated, right? Here are photos of the cards in question:

Already in Registry: https://caimages.collectors.com/psaimages/37075/16558810/008.jpg

My Card: https://caimages.collectors.com/psaimages/38238/41235617/mj3_original.jpg

...any help will be appreciated - thanks!



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