LARGEl silver lot * ** SOLD ** SOLD Thank you

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With silver spiking and Christmas bills coming in the mail it's time to cull the old stock and duplicates

This lot consists of 5 double row 2 x 2 boxes of just silver world coins containing in excess of 200 troy ounces ASW ( this means there is over 200 ounces of pure silver contained in the coins )

These coins are all in new 2 x 2s with fresh clean labels all ready for retail , the label contains the silver fineness and ASW on the label so current bullion value can be easily calculated
also on the label is the country , year, krause number and in some cases if the mintage is low the mintage. Those of you in the know realize the hundreds of hours labor involved here ( lol good thing it's a labor of love )

this lot contains over 200 troy oz of silver and at this moment silver is 15.79 the actual silver value is approx $3200.00 I want $3400 for the lot delivered ( USPS priority Insured within the US )


thank you for your intrest
pm any questions

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