Garnett must feel good now, so let's rag on him a little.

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Now that all the Bowl Games except the National Championship have been played the dust on the 2018 NCAA College Football season can start to settle. I can't remember if there's a Final Poll released by anyone like the AP or Coaches, but that shouldn't preclude us from releasing one of our own. I will start by saying that the outcome of the Final won't affect No.'s 1-2 and much to the delight of garnett I think the Ohio State Buckeyes end up in the three-hole. It was a long and winding road to get there.

1-2.) probably Alabama and then Clemson but I expect a really good game.
3.) Ohio State.
4.) Oklahoma.

I'm sorry, I need to apologize. I get to Number Five and there are sooooooooooooo many Teams who have proven themselves just average that it's hard to go past Oklahoma.

5.) Texas.
6.) LSU.
7.) UCF.
8.) Florida.
9.) Georgia.
10.) Notre Dame.

Al H.


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